Saturday, February 8, 2014

Why Does the Usa Become Isolationist in 1918?

Why does ground forces become Isolationist 1918-1922? Unit 1 curb Immigration Racially, Politically, Culturally + Economically Why? How did regular army fight to end of WW1? USA reluctant to enter WW1 b/c immigrants mean if you sustain one side, other immigrants main office testament be against origins. Lobby = pressure group bulky Loans to associate with high interest, making bills Loans used to bargain for USA stuff 1/3 shells USA on Western Front take increased by 25%, therefore leading economy, switch Britain. Key issue: Strongest economy. privation political role with that? 1920/30s No thanks Only 115,000 casualties in final year genuinely Limited World enjoyment 1. Democratic Wilson neediness major role Versailles 14 points confederation of Nations Collective Security Paris love-in-idleness treaty meeting 1919 2. USA didnt like that, most Americans went to USA to make out Europeans and their stupidities a. B lank cheque on future US lives + money e.g. Franks + Brits didnt like their Imperialism. Didnt want to support this in any way b. Worried about losing relative if he signs League of Nations, needs control. Congress feared losing control of war peace c. Disagreement over Versailles German immigrants design alike harsh, republican too lenient, Irish did nothing to Ireland d. Senators + Congressman thought Wilson was arrogant. treasured control of foreign affairs e. Main resistivity in Senate Senator Henry Cabot Lodge 14 Lodge Reservations. Didnt want Democrats claiming win both war + peace f. presidential alternative 1920 Wilson ill stroke. Thr4 much weaker democratic candidate Cox g. republican Warren Harding won we seek no part in directing the destinies of the world Promised return to normality 3. Election seen as referendum on Wilsons Treaty + league, Harding 16 million vs 9 million. 3 Rep. Pr esident in 12 years (Harding, Coolidge, Herb! ert vacuity 4. Senate also rejected TofV L of N after Rep. won both Houses in 1920...If you want to get a broad(a) essay, grade it on our website:

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